InRiver PIM Product Data Enrichment Experts

As an InRiver partner and trusted provider to some of the world’s leading brands, our approach is to provide administrative support to help with the content population and enrichment of your InRiver PIM system. With a team of more than 50 content marketing professionals based in our digital centre of excellence, we are able to quickly scale-up our resources to help with the management of your product data, assets and specifications within InRiver PIM.

Data Cleansing

We handle all types of data cleansing and administration both manually and using relevant software tools to ensure your data is clean, consistent and up-to-date. Whether the data is within inRiver, Excel or an old legacy system or even in printed materials, our team of data administrators can cost effectively standardise and normalise the data to the agreed master standards.

  • Data auditing, collection of missing data and rebuilding master files.
  • Data matching, merging, purging, reconciliation and de-duplication.
  • Global match identifiers ie. EAN, UPC, Brand, Attributes etc.
  • Product data augmentation, parsing, standardisation and normalisation.

Content Enrichment

We handle all types of content administration such as: technical specifications standardisation, image optimisation, taxonomy set up, new product page creation and optimisation, local market catalogue creation and large scale manual data migration. We also offer guidance and assistance with translation management.

  •       On-demand product data enrichment & optimisation
  •       Taxonomy & schema development and on-going enhancement
  •       Day-to-day SKU creation & data classification
  •       inRiver PIM content accuracy audit and reporting

PIM content enrichment support

Content Migration Support

Our team of InRiver PIM content experts can efficiently manage the process of copying your product data, images and assets from old legacy systems, data sheets and files into your InRiver PIM environment, saving you time and money, without the need for costly data mapping integrations.

  • Manual migration of data from legacy systems to inRiver PIM
  • Clean and standardise spreadsheet data into new taxonomy
  • Comparison & reconciliation from multiple sources into a single spreadsheet
  • Quality assurance for data accuracy validation

PIM Content Data Migration

PIM Content Translation

Translating your product information using the Lionbridge connector into InRiver PIM should be an easy task – however there is still an amount of human interaction required. You may have content you already have translated you need going into the PIM, or you require small changes to be made for content already there.

  •      Multilingual content enrichment administration
  •      Metadata implementation and on-page optimisation
  •      Local country configuration & content population
  •      Campaign roll-out and localisation support

PIM Content Translation Project Support

Wrike Workflow for Content Accuracy

We believe in a systematic approach to content management and use Wrike as a workflow platform to help us generate consistent, premium results. This helps to manage communications, control costs and deliver high-quality product updates on-time and within budget.

  • View your project schedule in real time
  • Keep track of what needs to be worked on and when
  • Keep your priorities straight and your goals in sight

PIM Content Workflow

InRiver PIM Content Enrichment Services

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inriver pim icon Data Cleansing & Normalisation
inriver pim icon Attribute Schema Development
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